Vintage Bathrooms: Contemporary Meets Classic

Create A Vintage Look With Cast Iron Baths, Vintage Toilets and Retro Toilets

Are you hoping to inject a blast from the past in to your bathroom? Create a vintage look with cast iron baths and vintage toilets. Retro toilets such as original Victorian toilets or lavatories which are available in blue, white or polychromatic and Art Deco chisel styled lavatories as well as cast iron baths are coming back with a vengeance.  If you want to have a look that’s both contemporary and classic they’re an excellent choice. Vintage toilets could include styles from far back into the Victorian era all the way through the 1950s.

cast iron baths, vintage toilets, retro toilets 1950s retro toilets tended to use pastel colors. Vintage toilets in the Art deco period were more brightly colored  also and boasted a streamlined look and sharp angles. If you’d prefer vintage toiletswhich are a lot older, such as those in the Victorian era, you should look for toilets with high-level cisterns which use a pull-chain flusher as opposed to the traditional style in use today. Victorian vintage toilets may also have wooden accents or even “Thrown Seats” which are very grand and oppulent.

Regardless of the era you’re looking for, cast iron baths are always a good choice. A claw foot cast iron bath is a beautiful option for a Victorian themed bathroom, but will also look good with 1950s or even modern bathroom decorations. If you already have a cast iron bath, The Bath Business can help you restore it to its original condition and add a “wow” factor to your bathroom.

Restoring cast iron baths and retro toilets are a great way to bring environmentally friendly principals into the design of your bathroom. You’re helping the Earth by recycling, and you’re also saving money at the same time! The Bath Business specializes in the restoration of cast iron baths, as well as vintage toilets, sinks and other bathroom fixtures. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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