Maintain Antique Fixtures with Restoration Services

Antique Bathrooms, Antique Taps and Antique Sinks Repair Services

Antique sinks and bathtubs are beautiful pieces of history, but they often sustain a lot of damage over the years. We love the look of antique bathrooms, and we want to do everything we can to restore the roomto its original condition. Here are some of the problems we regularly address when dealing with antique bathrooms:

Antique Bathrooms, Antique Taps and Antique Sinks Repair Services

  • Damaged bath feet. Claw foot tubs are usually the main attraction in antique bathrooms, but years of use can cause damage to the feet. However, rather than throwing out something with many years of history behind it, we can either repair the feet or in some cases attach new claw feet which match the original for the perfect Victorian look. The new feet would be cast in our foundry. The old feet would be required for this to be possible.
  • Crazing in antique sinks. Crazing are those tiny, fine cracks you see in the glaze of your antique sink. It’s different than a crack, which goes all the way down to the porcelain. The crazing  is not damaging to the actual integrity of the sink. Visually, however, it doesn’t look appealing. We can restore these sinks or wash basins to look new for you.
  • Damaged antique taps. When antique taps become damaged, it affects both the look and performance of the taps. Not only do they really start to show their age, but they may become difficult to turn, have annoying squeaking sounds, or may leak. Antique taps and bathroom fixtures can make or break antique bathrooms, and restoring antique taps is an inexpensive way to bring some beauty back in to your bathroom suite without paying an arm and a leg.
  • Antique accessories make all the difference to a bathroom. An antique mirror or shower curtain ring can give the bathroom an authentic look very easily. The Bath Business can supply original restored antique accessories or classic modern reproductions. If we don’t have a special item you are looking for let us know. We can normally source whatever you require. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to help.

The Bath Business takes the restoration of antique bathrooms to a whole new level. Make your antique baths, sinks and antique taps look like new again with our unparalleled restoration techniques. You can purchase our original restored antique taps & accessories directly. Contact us today for a quote and information on making your bathroom look as beautiful as ever.

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