Spice Up Your Bathroom with New Bath Accessories

New Bath Accessories

Once you have your tub, toilet and wash hand basins picked out, the next thing you need are the bathroom accessories. Bath accessories are all the little things that add a little extra to your bathroom and help you create a look that’s all your own. In most cases, you should match or complement the styling of your wash hand basin and a tub with the bathroom accessories you choose. Here, we look at the most common bathroom accessories and suggest ways they can spice up your powder room.

New Bath Accessories

  • Towel racks. Nowadays, there are many options for towel racks. You can purchase free standing ones, or ones that are connected right to the wash hand basin. Some are ring-shaped and attached to the back of the door, while others are simply bars which adhere to the wall. A new luxury choice among bath accessories are heated towel racks – your towel will feel like it just came out of the dryer every time you use it.
  • Mirrors. Do you want the typical mirror above the wash hand basin, or a full length mirror to hang on the wall? Many people are surrounding their tubs in mirrors for a more glamorous look, and others are creating decorative mosaics using mirrors. A mirror in an interesting shape and size is an easy way to update your bathroom accessories.
  • Bathroom Taps. Taps for bathtubs and wash hand basins offer more variety for your bathroom than ever. They’re available in all sorts of finishes and come in many styles. This ranges from Victorian Bath/Shower Mixer taps to big and bold Art Deco bath taps as well as molded figures, such as fish or birds. Decorative bathroom taps are a simple way to change the look of your bathroom without any drastic remodeling.
  • Rugs. When it comes to rugs to place under your wash hand basin or around your toilet, anything goes! Rugs are bath accessories which can be changed at the drop of a hat, so consider stocking up with several so you can change them periodically throughout the year. Luxury towels to match the bathroom rug will finish the look of the bathroom off and help create a completely luxurious feel in the bathroom.

Before you purchase the perfect bathroom accessories, you need the perfect bathroom. The Bath Business can help you with any type of bathroom restoration you can imagine, from tub re-enameling to the restoration of antique wash hand basins. Once your bathroom is in tip-top shape, you can feel free to go crazy with the bath accessories.

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Perfect bathroom accessories for any type of bathroom restoration, from tub re-enameling to the restoration of antique wash hand basins.

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