Discover Popular Trends for Luxury Bathrooms

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One of the nicest things about staying in a hotel for a few nights is the luxury bathrooms. There’s nothing nicer than relaxing in a large whirlpool tub surrounded by marble fixtures. If you’d like to take the feel of the luxury bathrooms in to your home, try some of the following ideas:

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  • Unexpected furniture. Now, more than ever, the bathroom isn’t just a place to quickly get cleaned up. Instead, it’s a place to relax and wash off the stress of the day. Many people are placing couches and recliners in their bathroom to give it a more spa-like feel. These fancy bathrooms are incomparable when it comes to chic comfort.
  • Fireplaces. Can you imagine anything more enjoyable than relaxing in a bubble bath next to a roaring fire? Neither can we! A strategically placed fireplace can be a welcoming addition to any luxury bathroom.

Heated floors. No one likes stepping out of a hot bath or shower onto a freezing tile floor. With the new technology of heated floors, you won’t have to. If you’re going to have a fancy bathroom, do it up right with warming stone floors by installing a quality underfloor heating system

Heated towel racks. Similar to heated floors, heated towel racks keep your towels warm, dry and toasty for when you get out of the bath.

Luxury taps. Luxury taps are a small way to bring a little bit of the hotel feel in to your bathroom at home. One area it is well worth investing in your bathroom is definitely the brassware. You certainly get what you are paying for when it comes to bathroom taps and showers. Many luxury taps from companies such as Kohler are works of art in and of themselves. If you’re looking for a way to have a luxury bathroom without breaking the bank, investing in luxury taps is probably the best way to go.

Freestanding Bath/Shower mixer taps deck mounted make any bathroom look luxurious. They can also be wall mounted or fitted directly onto the bath.

  • Morning bar. Since so many of us spend most of our mornings in the bathroom getting ready for the day, why not make it that much easier to do everything in there? A morning bar has things such as a mini-fridge and a coffee pot so you can enjoy your brew and cereal without ever leaving the area.
  • Walk-in shower. For the ultimate in luxury bathrooms you should go for the walk-in shower. Multiple shower heads and the space for two people to shower at once makes this a fun addition to any bathroom. For true luxury showering a needle shower, with it’s multiple sprays is an easy choice.
  • Freestanding baths. If you have the space a luxury freestanding roll top bath adds luxury and style to any bathroom. Art Deco skirted baths also add a touch of class. Generally these baths, although nice and deep and long, can be fitted into a corner to save space. For a finishing touch add a lovely wall mounted Bath/Shower Mixer or bath filler.

At The Bath Business, we believe any bathroom can be a fancy bathroom. Whether you want to go all out with a complete restoration overhaul or simply want to put in some luxury taps to bring a bit of elegance to the room, The Bath Business has everything you need to create the perfect luxury bathroom.

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