Bring Back the Past with Art Deco Baths and Sinks

Art Deco Baths. Art Deco Bathrooms. Art Deco Sinks

Art deco is a form of design which began in Paris in the late 1920s. It spread to the rest of the world in the 1930s and continued being a top style choice through World War II.  A more modern look, art deco is based largely on geometric shapes and tends to be fairly ornamental. Here, we take a look at some details you can use to create an Art deco bathroom in your home.

Art Deco Baths. Art Deco Bathrooms. Art Deco Sinks

  • Art deco sinks. Art deco sinks or wash basins were rarely ever white. Bright colors such as yellow, pink and green were wildly popular. By using one of these colors, you can bring an Art deco bathroom look to your home. Art deco sinks tended to have chrome fixtures, creating a mirrored, glossy effect.
  • Art deco baths. Similar to Art deco sinks, Art deco baths were usually brightly colored. Often, Art deco baths may have been encased in mirror or glass to reflect a truly interesting style. A popular color palette for Art deco bathrooms besides bright colors is black and white. A black Art deco bath is an ideal choice for the powder room. The Bath Business can change the colour of your Art Deco bath. So you can have the whole suite black if you so choose.
  • Sunburst. The sunburst design is popular in Art deco bathrooms and in the style in general. Creating a sunburst design in the tiled floor or hanging a piece of art with the design would both be great ideas for adding a little Art deco flavor to the room.
  • Vanities. Rather than a simple Art deco sink and mirror set, Art deco bathrooms often had vanities. These were often mirrored and contained drawers and shelves.
  • Sharp angles. Taps and other bathroom fixtures tended to have strong, sharp angles for a bold and unforgiving look. The taps of an Art deco bath typically had quirky shapes and boasted right angles.

Art deco bathrooms are back in style in a big way. The Bath Business can help turn your boring bathroom in to something worthy of 1920s Paris style. Contact us today for information on Art deco baths and wash basins and how you can create a new look for your bathroom.

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