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Bath Restoration. Bath Resurfacing and Bath Repair Services in UK and Scotland

In most bathrooms, the piece de resistance is the bathtub. It tends to be the focal point of the whole room and is what ties everything together into a cohesive style. It’s no wonder bath restoration is one of the most popular ways to update your bathroom without tearing everything out and replacing it. Bath resurfacing can completely change the look of your bathroom while still utilizing the pieces you already have.

Bath Restoration. Bath Resurfacing and Bath Repair UK and Scotland Sometimes, rather than a full-on bath restoration, only small bath repairs may be needed to have your bathtub looking brand new again. The Bath Business specializes in bath repairs such as fixing chips in pressed steel baths or repairing cracks in acrylic bathtubs. The most important and skilled aspect of the bath repair is matching the colour of the repair to the existing sanitary ware. When doing such bath repairs, our goal is to make the repair invisible as you look face onto it. No one will have any idea the crack or chip existed in the first place! Bath repairs work best on new baths.

If you need something more done than simply fixing a crack, bath resurfacing is an option. Bath resurfacing involves a thorough cleansing, the fixing of any chips and the application of a new surface. This is the main service offered by The Bath Business and can be taken care of right on site. The whole process takes only a few days, so you can be back to enjoying bubble baths in no time. Bath resurfacing is also a great alternative if you want to change the color of your bath without buying a brand new one.

In addition to complete bath restoration, we can also do restorative services on sinks, toilets and bath fixtures. Bath restoration is an eco-friendly option since you are recycling what you already have as opposed to purchasing new products. The Bath Business is happy to take care of any bath repairs for you, whether large or small. Feel free to contact us for quotes and advice regarding your bath restoration.

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