Traditional or contemporary? How to decide


Choosing the right bathroom can be difficult. There seems to be so many designs now from contemporary to traditional, all of which are equally stunning, so how do you choose? It is very easy to become overwhelmed by all the different styles of bathrooms available and knowing which one will look best in your home isn’t always an easy decision. Below are some handy tips for you to consider before choosing your bathroom that may help you to decide which style is the best option for you, contemporary or traditional.


One of the first things to consider when deciding on a new bathroom is the size of the space you have. Traditional bathrooms tend to require quite a spacious bathroom due to the designs of the furnishings. Roll top, slipper, boat and double ended baths are some of the most popular traditional bath styles but they do take up a considerable amount of space. Traditional baths do tend to be free standing and therefore need space to achieve the right look. A contemporary bathroom will help you to make the most of a limited space whereas a traditional bathroom will take up a lot of space.

Existing style

Another thing to consider is the existing style of your home. If the rest of your home has a fairly modern and contemporary feel to it, then a traditional bathroom may seem a little out of place in your home. However, if your home is a period property with lots of traditional characteristics throughout then a traditional style bathroom may fit perfectly in your home while a contemporary bathroom would seem odd. The key within your home is to follow your style all the way through from top to bottom.


Luxurious bathrooms are easily achieved. If you are someone who enjoys gadgets and wants added luxury in the bathroom then a contemporary bathroom is ideal for you. With a contemporary look you can enjoy luxuries such as jacuzzi jets within you bath, fountain style taps, monsoon showers and the ultimate luxury of a built in TV within your bathroom. These kinds of luxuries just do not fit with a traditional style bathroom. If these are must have elements to your dream bathroom then a contemporary bathroom would suit your needs.


Cost is one of the biggest considerations you need to make. If you have a small limited budget for your bathroom then it is best not to be too extravagant. Contemporary bathroom packages are available at very reasonable prices whereas a traditional bathroom could be far more expensive to achieve. For example, a roll top bath can be quite costly compared with a contemporary modern suite.

The above are considerations that may help you to decide on whether you should go with a contemporary or traditional bathroom in your home.

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