The latest shower crazes


In recent years, showers have become just as much an important part of the bathroom as the bath. Whether you have a shower over your bath or a separate shower, there are some amazing shower products available on the market to choose from to give you a modern look and finish. Modern showers have become all the rage for bathrooms and the great news is that they can be affordable too. Many people now actually prefer having a shower to a bath and some have even made the decision to remove their bath tubs altogether giving them the option to have the ultimate modern shower.

Monsoon Showers

Monsoon showers have become increasingly popular in recent years and they offer a relaxing feeling of standing under a waterfall. These amazing shower heads have been inspired by tropical monsoons and can be used for both walk in showers as well as shower and bath combinations. A monsoon shower head offers a truly luxurious appearance and is ultra modern looking just the part in a contemporary bathroom.

Monsoon showers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the type of space you have for your shower. You can choose from both square and circular monsoon shower heads depending on your personal choice but both give fantastic results and create an enjoyable shower. You can even choose from a range of combination showers. You can enjoy the benefit of having a monsoon shower over head and a normal shower head below for those times when you just prefer a standard shower or for your children.

Shower Jets

One of the most recent showering must haves are shower jets. These clever jets can be ideally placed wherever you choose in your showering space to give a spa like massaging feeling. These powerful shower jets are designed to help you to relax and soothe your aching muscles. Most are adjustable giving you the ability to manoeuvre the jets into a position that suits your body and aches and pains.

These jets mimic the benefits you would normally gain from a hydrotherapy pool but in the privacy and comfort of your own shower. You can have as many shower jets as you like installed and they come in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms make a great feature in any home and if done to a professional standard they can add value to any home. Wet rooms can incorporate just showers or both a shower and a bathing area depending upon the space you have. Wet rooms are ultra modern but can be expensive to install so if you have a small budget then this may not be for you. A wet room adds a degree of luxury to your bathroom and can be an amazing experience. Removing the need for a bath or a shower tray, wet rooms are a simple and fast way to have a shower. With both waterproof walls and flooring as well as a sloped floor in order for the water to drain easily, wet rooms are easy to clean and bring a touch of a spa to your home.

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