Diamond Jubilee Bath

Diamond Jubilee Bath

Bespoke Union Jack special Diamond Jubilee Bath. A double ended cast iron roll top bath finished in The Bath Business's exclusive "Super Smooth" finish.



You save £2,000.00 (57%)!

We have done work in many fine homes and Royal Palaces. We felt we should definitely restore a beautiful old bath in a genuine “Best Of British” style. What better than to do a “Union Jack” Bath in commemoration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Here we have created a bespoke finish.

We have finished the bath in The Bath Business exclusive “Super Smooth” finish. The outside of a bath is generally quite rough. So even when finished they can look rough. We have developed a super smooth finish to overcome this and the affect is amazing!

This bath is just an example of a bespoke exterior finish. You can have almost any design created for the outside of your bath. Your national flag or even your football teams crest can be created. The Family Crest is also very popular. Maybe you have an idea for a specific design created for your bath. If you require a truly unique look then contact us on 01342 324577 to discuss your design specifications.

Cast Iron ornate
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