How to make the most of a small bathroom


For most of us our bathroom is the smallest room in our home and with houses now shrinking in size, bathrooms are getting even smaller. However, most of us dream of having one of those celebrity style bathrooms where space is not an issue and you can enjoy the ultimate bathroom experience. For most of us this dream is far out of reach and so we have to make do with our relatively small bathrooms. However, there are some useful tips you can try and follow to help maximise your bathroom space and create the illusion of space. We have put together a few tips which have been tried and tested and used in many small bathrooms.

  • Colours – If you have a small bathroom space then the colour scheme you choose can either help to maximise or minimise the space. Dark colours are not ideal in a small bathroom as they will make it feel very closed in and will emphasise the limited space. Try to use natural and neutral colours as they will encourage a light and airy atmosphere and help to reflect any natural light within your bathroom making it appear more spacious.
  • Lighting – Lighting is an important tool to use to create the illusion of space. If your bathroom has very little natural light then it is important to maximise the lack of light with artificial lighting. Spot lights in the ceiling are a great way to light a bathroom and give the impression of natural light and space. Correctly positioned, spot lighting can help to create a spacious feeling.
  • Furniture – Bathroom suites vary in size but there is pretty much a bathroom suite to fit even the smallest of spaces. The key with a small bathroom is to be sensible. Don’t buy a suite that takes up all of your space, there are specialist bathroom suites available for small bathrooms. With modern shower and bath combinations as well as compact toilets and sinks that now come in a range of shapes and sizes. By choosing a compact bathroom suite you will increase the floor space available and make your bathroom seem far larger than it is in reality.
  • Mirrors and glass – Using mirrors and glass in your bathroom will help reflect natural light and increase the spacious feeling. Try not to use a conventional shower curtain as this will automatically block space and create a divide. Use a glass shower divide and this will allow light to flow through the room and make it feel far more open and spacious. Mirrors are also a great way to enhance light and space within your bathroom but don’t go too crazy with the mirrors.

These useful tips can help you to make more of your bathroom and leave you with a more functional and useable space.

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