Here is a typical example of our day-to-day work here at the bath business.

This bath is a lovely old Victorian cast iron bath. It has original Globe taps and lovely detailed ball and claw feet. The bath is a good example of a freestanding bath. The client has managed to have it fitted against a wall and tiled it in but the detail of the bath is not lost. It’s just a nice, deep, old cast iron bath. Clearly from the pictures the bath is quite badly stained. It also felt very rough. You wouldn’t run your hand across the bath as it felt so rough and you certainly would not sit in it. It was also almost impossible to clean. The dirt seemed embedded into the bath and as the bath was so rough new dirt easily stuck to the bath.

Once we resurfaced the bath we also sanded and polished the bath. A common practise with specialist car finishers. Your Porsche car or Jaguar will have had its bonnet polished extensively before it came anywhere near a car show room.  As the bath resurfacing work is not done in a spray booth environment there is inevitably some dust in the environment which can end up on the bath. The sanding will rectify this and give the bath a very smooth, silky finish. An added benefit is that the new surface is so smooth it is difficult for dirt to stay on the bath. So the bath becomes very easy to clean and very easy to  keep clean.

For more information on re enamelling your old Victorian or Edwardian cast iron bath visit

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