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Bath Restoration

Quality Bathroom Restoration Service For Baths, Basins, Toilets And Shower Trays.

We are called upon at times to restore a bath which has had a rough time of it.

Sometimes these baths have sat in a field or perhaps they have been cleaned with bleach or some other strong chemical which has reacted badly with the surface and stained it or left grooves of worn areas.

An old Victorian bath may just have been well used or suffered badly from lime-scale build up. Often the taps, waste and overflow had been thoroughly damaged. We can also restore bathroom taps and other sanitary ware.

As well as being the leading bath resurfacing and restoration company we do also provide a top class tap and brassware refurbishment service. Now and then the taps are beyond repair but we feel if we can’t repair them then no one can.

The types of bath we are asked to restore are varied. We mostly restore cast iron baths. We occasionally restore canopy baths and 1920’s Art Deco baths. More often than not a slipper bath or double ended bath needs to be helped to look as good as it did a hundred or so years ago. We can restore modern acrylic baths as well as jacuzzi or corner baths.

We come across baths which are very stained or have a large amount of limescale build up on them.

Others have had the enamel worn away in places.

We can restore these bath to a new and pristine condition. This would include reconditioning original Victorian or Edwardian taps as well as cast iron feet. We can ensure the taps work perfectly and chrome or silver nickel plate the taps. If the taps are beyond repair we do have a lovely collection of reproduction taps for sale. We can also nickel plate the cast iron feet. The feet tend to look even better polished or painted. The choice is yours. Once all this work is done along with the bath resurfacing service the bath is truly fully restored.

Some of the things which can happen to a bath which we can then restore are:

Staining of the enamel of the bath,

limescale build-up in the bath,

enamel worn away below the taps of the bath,

rough enamel in the base of the bath.

The above items are all things which can be handled in a straightforward manner and the bath restored to a “like new” condition in a day.

There are other things that can occur to a bath which we can also restore, but not in a day.

Some of these are:

Enamel etched in vertical lines by limescale or other strong cleaners,

Enamel eaten away in the base of the bath, leaving a distinct “ridge” between the eaten enamel and the untouched enamel.

No enamel on the bath to begin with (quite rare).

We can restore these bath to a “like new” condition also, but not in a day, as there is going to be a lot of filling and sanding involved prior to putting a new coating over the whole bath.

Obviously there is a greater cost involved in restoring a bath with this kind of damage to it, just due to the extra time involved in restoring them.

If you bath does have some of the problems above with its enamel, and you just want the bath to be smooth, easy-to-clean and a uniform colour, then we can go ahead and resurface it as normal without taking the extra steps needed to get a pristine finish.

The bath would still have the etch lines or the “ridge” in it, bit it would be smooth to the touch, shiney and easy-to-clean. It would be cheaper to restore too, as it would be done in one day.

It is really a case of what is best or most suitable for you.

Some of the things that can go wrong with the taps are:

Limescale damage internally and externally

Worn internal workings

Missing or worn seats

Plating on the taps, whether gold, nickel or chrome damaged or missing completely

Brass taps worn and badly stained.

All of the above issues can be rectified by The Bath Business.

Please feel free to call us on 020 8634 5922 if you have any questions on bath restoration or tap refurbishment in general or a specific bath in particular. You can also get a free on-line quote by filing in the form to the side.

We provide top quality bathroom restoration service available for baths, basins, toilets and shower trays.

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