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Bath Painting

There is bath painting and there is bath painting.

The outside of your cast iron bath can be quite rough. It is no where near as smooth as the interior of the bath.  However it can be painted quite simply and easily with normal paint and a roller. If you require a smoother finish this can be achieved. It is a lot of work, particularly preparing the bath, and really a professional bath resurfacing company would be best to undertake this type of work. A plastic or acrylic bath can also be painted quite easily and does not require the level of preparation a cast iron bath requires.

You could, if you wished, paint the interior of your bath yourself. If it is getting stained or hard to clean then this is an option you could use. And it would be very cheap too.

Then there are kits one could get to repaint your bath. Not as cheap as just getting a tin of paint but still relatively inexpensive.

And there is also professionals who can paint your bath.

In fact that is what we do here at The Bath Business.

This is much more expensive then doing-it-yourself. But it is a bit unfair to try and compare these two things as they are really quite different services.

With do-it-yourself bath painting or even if using a kit, then main thing that determines how well it works is the skill of the person doing it and how well they do each step, particularly the steps that prepare the bath for the new coating.

When you pay for a Professional to do the job, you are paying for their skill and experience as much as anything else. You are getting a job done that should last a long time as he will have done his preparation properly and fully.

The finish the Professional achieves is also going to be far superior to anything someone will be able to achieve with a brush or roller (The kits tend to contain a roller to apply the paint). The professional will be spraying the paint onto your bath. This involves a lot more masking than you would need if just using a brush. But it does get a far better finish.

Many Pros will also polish the bath so get the finish even better. Once done you have a bath that feels and looks silky smooth with a high gloss finish.

People do ask us which is better, DIY and the kits you buy, or getting it done professionally?

My own opinion is that it is really a case of what you want. How much you want to spend and what result you want to get.

If how much money you spend is the main criteria in deciding what to get, then the kit is the thing to go for.

If you want an old, worn, chipped bath to look like new, then get a pro to do it.

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