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Repairing Chips in a Bath

Bath Chip Repair

A service provided by The Bath Business is the invisible repairing of chips. Quite often a bath can get its enamel chipped off when struck hard enough. Probably the single biggest culprit is a dropped tile.

The layer of enamel is chipped away at the point of impact, revealing the metal below which is black in colour. On a white bath this chip is very eye-catching.

If the rest of the bath is in good condition then rather than resurface the whole bath, the chipped area can be filled and then sprayed.

The most important part of getting the chip repair to blend in with the original surface is to get the colour right. Even if it is a white bath that is chipped, you have to get the right shade of white in order for the repaired area not to stand out.

To achieve this at we bring along tinters to the job and adjust the colour on-site until we achieve a match to the chipped bath.

The most time consuming part of chip repairs tends to be getting the colour built up. Once the colour is done then the actual filling and spraying is quite straight forward. We will then polish the area. Usually it takes 2-4 hours to repair a chip in a bath.

If the damage is extensive and there are a lot of chips or very large chips it might be better to have the bath resurfaced. We can advice you which would be best, resurfacing or repairing the bath, normally during your initial inquiry.

Of course the same procedure can be applied to repairing chips in shower trays, bathroom sinks as well as toilets.

Example of a recent bath chip repair:

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