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Hole in Acrylic Bath

Acrylic Bath Hole Repair

Getting a hole punched through the skin of your acrylic bath can be done surprisingly easy. Something falling on the bath, like a tool, is often all it takes to knock a hole through the surface of the bath.

We can repair most (but not all) of these holes in baths. The main criteria to being able to fix the damage is that we can reach to behind the damaged area of the bath.

So if a hole had been knocked in the bath between the taps, then to fix that hole, we would need to be able to reach underneath the bath to between the taps. If we could do this then we can carry out a repair.

The base of many older acrylic baths has a layer of chipboard underneath the base of the bath to provide support and give additional strength to the bottom of the bath. If the damage in your bath is here, then we will be unlikely to be able to repair the hole as the chipboard prevents us being able to reach behind the hole.

It is a similar story with the shoulders of the bath. In older baths there is wood running under the shoulders of the bath which again would impede access to the back of the hole.

If you are uncertain about whether or not we could repair a hole in your bath, you can either remove the bath panel yourself and see if you can reach the damaged area with your hand. Failing that you can call our office on 01342 324 577 and we can advise you.

Something to consider if you have an scrylic bath damaged by a hole is if it may be easier to just replace the bath. If you have a standard sized bath (about 1700 long) and the bath could be removed and a new one put in place without the need to re-tile, then it might work out cheaper to replace the bath completely, especially if you are quite handy and could do the plumbing work

If, on the other hand, the bath isn’t standard or it would mean quite a lot of work to get the old bath out and a new one in, then having the hole repaired can be a very cost effective solution.

The procedure to repair a hole in an acrylic bath is quite straightforward. The area is strengthened and a backing put behind the holed area. The hole is filled and the filler smoothed off. The colour of the bath is matched by hand (this has to be done even on a white bath as there are many shades of white) and a coating of it sprayed onto the filled area. This coating is then smoothed off.

At the end of this you will have a repair which will not be able to be seen as one stands looking into the bath. People coming into your bathroom will never even know that your bath has had a hole in it.

If you have any questions about our “Acrylic Bath Hole Repair Service” or whether it could be applicable to you bath, please feel free to call the office on 020 8634 5922

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