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Crack in a Plastic Bath

Repairing Cracks or Splits In Plastic Bath

Cracks or splits can form in a plastic bath where something has impacted heavily on the surface, too much pressure has been used, or where the bath support structure has become, or always was, defective. Such cracks and splits can be an eyesore at best and, at worst, could be allowing water to escape from the bath, potentially causing damage to the floor below.

Where cracks and splits have formed in a plastic bath, there are realistically two options available: replace or repair.

If the bath can be removed without a lot of fuss or disruption to the existing tiling, then replacement is definitely an option to consider. If the bath is a standard 1700 long bath in a basic shape (no handles or unusual angles to it) then the cost of replacement will not be expensive.

When the plastic bath you have can’t easily be removed or it is not a usual, standard bath, then having the crack or split repaired can save a lot of grief and money.

We can’t repair every crack or split in every plastic bath. It depends to a large degree where the crack is, and wether or not we can access the back of the split area of the bath.

Rather than try and describe every different type of crack we can repair and can’t repair, I’d suggest calling the office on 01342 324 577 or use the “quick quote” box above and let us know where the crack is on your bath, its size and any other relevant info.

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