Applying a Non Slip Surface


A Non-slip Surface

To An Existing Bath or Shower Tray.

Why apply a Non slip Surface to a bath or shower tray?

Baths and shower-trays are made with smooth, hard surfaces. This is so they are easy to clean and continue to look good. With a smooth surface dirt doesn’t have anything to hold onto and can be wiped off easily.

The problem with this is that the smooth shiny surface also means that your feet have nothing to “hold” onto, especially when the surface is wet and soapy. The surface can become incredibly slippy. It is very easy to have a serious fall or accident.

To prevent people getting hurt whilst showering and bathing, many modern baths come with an integrated non-slip surface. A non-slip surface is simply an area where the surface has been made rough or textured. It can be raised areas or a combination of rough and raised areas that helps create the non slip surface. Anything that allows the feet to “grip” the surface and not slide about will work.

However, when the non slip surface is not part of the bath there are some instances where a non slip surface is required to be added to a bath.

Some examples of this are:

An elderly relative moves into the family home and the existing bath is too smooth and slippy and needs to be made safe for them.

It needs to be something fitted permanently to the bath so there is no chance it doesn’t get overlooked and not used on occasions. This also applies to Hotels and Hospitals. It is much preferred that the non-slip surface on the bath isn’t optional (i.e. a non-slip matt which can be removed and “forgotten about”. Non slip matts also tend to breed germs and can cause damage to the bath.)

Or the existing non-slip area on the bath or shower tray has worn smooth and isn’t providing any traction or grip anymore when showering. This often happen after some years of fairly heavy use.

Or we have resurfaced the bath or shower tray for you. This means the bath or shower tray is now very smooth, shiny and very easy to clean. However it no longer has any non slip properties. If you used a bath matt before the item was resurfaced then we would recommend a non slip surface is applied as part of the resurfacing process. A bath matt will damage the bath.

We can apply a non-slip coating to any bath or shower- tray. It doesn’t matter is it is a cast iron, pressed steel or an acrylic bath. We can do them all.

The coating is translucent but textured.

This means that the coating itself is going to be pretty much invisible once applied. You will easily be able to feel the new non-slip area as it’s textured. But you will struggle to see it. This also means that regardless of the colour of the bath, whether it is pink, blue or any shade of white , the non-slip area we apply is going to look natural and part of the bath.

Additionally, we can make the non-slip area any size you want. We have done baths where the non-slip was applied to a smallish area just below the shower itself. We have also applied the non -slip area to the entire base of a large shower tray.

Case History

Below are the details about bath we applied a non-slip area to. The bath itself was a brand new acrylic one which had just been fitted as part of a whole bathroom re-model. However, the tenant at the property had a bad back and trouble walking and the new surface was just too slippy and smooth for him.

The bathroom supplier contacted us and arranged for us to attend the property to apply a non-slip coating to the bath

Before Non Slip Surface

The picture above shows the bath prior to applying the non-slip coating to it.

A non-slip area was applied just below the shower at the waste/plug hole end of the bath. This is what the tenant wanted and it suited his needs.

After Non-Slip

Same Bath but with the non-slip applied.

As you can see from the second picture, the non-slip is pretty much invisible. Due to the fact the bath was on the opposite side of the bathroom from the window and the lighting was quite subdued, the tenant couldn’t actually see the non-slip until he got within a foot or two of it.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like a non slip coating apple to your bath.You can email us at or call us on 07967 333 030

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