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Acrylic Bath Repair

When you have an acrylic bath which is in otherwise good condition and it just has a crack or dent in it, then we can do a small localised bath repair to that area and colour match the repair to the existing colour of the bath.

Even if your bath is white we would need to colour match to the exact shade of white that is on your bath.

A repair like this works best when the rest of the bath is in a good(ish) condition. If the rest of the bath has a lot of scratches in it or has been rubbed too hard so as to be matt rather than glossy, then the repair will not work as well as it would on a bath that was more pristine.

Another factor to keep in mind is that acrylic baths are often relatively inexpensive, and so if the bath has not been fitted, then it may be easier and cheaper all round to just replace the bath.

On the other hand, your bath may well be fitted and replacing it might end up being an expensive undertaking if it involves removing and replacing tiles.

Specialists In Acrylic Bath Repair

If this is the scene with your bath then getting a repair done will be a cost-effective solution to taking care of the problem with your bath, whether it is a dent, scratch or crack.

We can’t repair every crack or problem that occurs to acrylic baths. There are certain parts of the bath where we can’t get at the back of the problem area.

If you are have an acrylic bath in need of some TLC because it has a scratch or crack or dent then please phone us on 01342 324 577 or use a “Quote” box to send us some details of the problem and where it is on the bath and we can let you know if a repair to your bath is possible and the cost of it.

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