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Your bathroom should be a place you can go to relax and unwind. Lots of pampering and generally relaxing from the pressured of life is what most people want once they close the bathroom door.

If you struggle to turn the tap on to run the bath or it continually drips it can be more like an irritating ritual rather than a pleasurable one. If added to that you end up sitting in a worn, rough or lime-scaled bath the chances are you’ll spend approx 2 minutes relaxing and the rest of the time figuring out how you can get clean without actually sitting down in the bath.


This can all be changed in a relatively short time.

Worn or stiff taps that drip or just don’t work can be reconditioned by specialists. The taps will need to be removed and sent to a specialist. Once there they will be taken apart completely. Sometimes washers are worn through or threads non existent. The specialist restorer will then fully re-condition the taps and have them back in perfect working order. The taps are fully tested to ensure they are in perfect working order. At this stage the taps can be chrome plated or nickel-plated (a more traditional plate effect for traditional taps). Or if the taps are made of brass they can be polished back to new. If the taps are to be nickel or chrome plated they can take about 10 days to do. The taps are then put back together again, tested fully again and sent back to the client to be re-fitted to their bath by their plumber. Our tap restoration work is secound to none. The difference to the look and feel of your bathroom by simply having your taps restored is quite incredible. If you have original bath taps or better still bath and basin taps, then restoring them is a far better option than trying to replace with modern reproduction taps. Have a look at a recent restoration job we undertook and you can see what we mean.

This bath needed to be resurfaced as it was worn and one of the taps had been dripping constantly for sometime. The bath taps and basin taps as well as plug and plunger were tarnished and looked tired and dirty even thought they weren’t. Once the bath taps & basin taps were reconditioned they were polished along with the plunger and basin plug. As you can see the bathroom looks fantastic with the bath and bathroom taps fully restored. The client thought the taps lookede so good we had sent her new taps back rather than her own! Getting the bath resurfaced as well just finished off the bathroom. Now it is a fantastic bathroom with a beautiful restored bath as it’s center piece.

 For a perfect looking original Victorian Bathroom the bath should be resurfaced or re enamelled back to new. This ensures the bath looks and feels new again. It also will rectify any chipping in the bath or rough areas and limescale. Once this is done, along with the tap restoration work, we guarantee your bathroom will look so good it will become a talking point for any visitors. Also once again your bathroom will become a haven for you to relax in. You might need to ask visitors to let you in though.

For information on Bath Re enamelling and Specialist Tap restoration work contact The Bath Business , Bath Resurfacing and Re enamelling Specialists

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