Acrylic Bath Chip Repair


Acrylic bath chip repair. A repair using acrylic coating.

We were called to repair this damaged area on an acrylic bath (these are often referred to as “plastic baths”).
The client’s radiator had fallen off the wall and damaged the top edge of the bath.

Unfortunately the damaged area was below a skylight and on the side of the bath closest to the door, so it was highly visible and a repair would have to be exceptionally good for it not to catch the eye or be felt as one got in and out the bath.
There is a technique we have been using on spa baths where the final step has been to apply an acrylic coating over the repaired area. The coating is mechanically blended into the existing acrylic shell of spa bath with the result that the repair cannot be felt or seen.

Here you can see the damaged bath

This is not something we normally do when doing repairs on baths as it doubles the time taken to carry out the repair to around 4 hours, and in many situations the extra cost incurred is not warranted.

But for this bathroom, where the rest of the room was in pristine condition and where the damage was in a very visible spot, we thought it would be worth applying the acrylic coat and blending it to the bath.
The video of the repair is very jerky I’m afraid, but it does give an idea of the finished work.
This technique is only suitable for Acrylic and Fibreglass baths which have a gel coat. It would not work on cast iron or pressed steel baths.

If you would like to see how the repair looked at the end have a look at our video entitled “Acrylic Bath Repair”.

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