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About Us

We are a family run business. A husband and wife team.

I have been resurfacing and re-enamelling baths and sinks since 1986. We believe we deliver the best job possible and use the best materials available. I constantly test and work on perfecting and improving the resurfacing service we deliver. Our preparation and techniques are second to none. Our aim is to provide the best resurfacing job that is possible to achieve.

My wife has been involved in the office side of things for over 10 years and along with our office staff will do the utmost to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding resurfacing or re enamelling your bath or other sanitary wear.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals. Most have well over 10 years spraying experience. They have been trained to provide an exceptional service. They will do a professional job of resurfacing your enamel bath.

We hate the thought of beautiful old antique baths or basins being broken up and disposed of. Resurfacing or re enamelling is by far the better choice in our opinion.  Rather than replacing with a new cast iron or plastic bath you can restore your lovely old bath to it’s former glory and retain a little bit of heritage. Making a new cast iron bath or plastic bath takes a lot of energy. The carbon footprint is high. Restoration takes very little energy comparatively and is more environmentally friendly than buying a new cast iron bath or plastic bath. The carbon footprint is not 0 but it is a lot less than having a new bath made.

Off course there is a market for both old and new. There will always be people who want the latest design & there will always be people who love restoring older designs. We do also offer a bespoke restoration service. So with the help of our expertise an old bath can look very modern or visa versa.

When it comes to baths we are lovers of the older vintage baths and are enthusiastic about restoring an old bath back to it’s former glory.

Currently we have a small range of original victorian cast iron baths for sale. We also sell Hudson Reed bathroom taps and accessories as well as Perrin and Rowe bathroom taps and accessories.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news on any products we sell or special offers.

We can resurface or re-enamel your bath, sink, toilet, shower tray or even bidet. So whatever your bath or bathroom renovation needs don’t hesitate to contact us.

Most of the resurfacing work is done in situ. However if your bath or even bathroom suite is not plumbed in and you wish it to be resurfaced then you can send it to our workshop to be resurfaced. The workshop facility is particularly helpful if you are mid renovating your property or if you have managed to pick up a nice old bath or sink that needs resurfacing but have not plumbed it in yet. We can also custom resurface your bath. So Union Jacks or specialist metallic finishes are possible.

In Scotland we resurface baths in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr, The Scottish Borders, (Melrose, Hawick, Kelso, Peebles etc ) and as far north as Aberdeen.

In England we operate in the South East primarily. We cover areas such as London, Chelsea, Richmond, Tottenham, Westminster, Sutton, Manchester, Crawley, Croydon, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Hove, Gatwick, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Slough and all surrounding areas.

Send us a quick quote request through and we’ll be in touch.

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