We had an enquiry a few months ago from a Paul Lynch. He has developed some beautiful apartments in London and around the country.

In one of his Luxury penthouse apartments  www.kensingtonapartments.net  he had a black bathroom suite installed. It was striking. As we all know however black is notoriously difficult to keep looking clean. The lavatory was particularly impossible to keep looking clean. The owner wanted to keep the black bathroom suite and toilet so asked if he could have the interior re enamelled white.

Paul called quite a few companies to as k if they could change the colour of the toilet and re enamel the interior of the w/c. He was told it was impossible! You can’t change the colour of a toilet or bath. It can’t be done etc. When Paul called The Bath Business  he had all but given up! We knew we could help. Paul rushed the toilet down from London to our head office in West Sussex & we had it delivered to our workshop. Our skilled technicians did their magic & “VOILA”- A black and white toilet.

What do you think? We rather like it.

Let us know if you would like us to change the colour of your toilet, wash hand basin or bath. The most popular request is changing the sanitary ware to white but we can change it to any other colour you fancy.

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