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Some great blog posts and interresting baths from HGTV. I Love the Egg shape. Not sure how comfy it would be to actually bathe it but it does look FANTASTIC!

The egg-shaped bathtub from Villeroy & Boch is smooth and inviting.

5. Oh-So-Organic

Forget straight lines and right angles. From egg-shaped bathtubs and round bathroom bowls to curvy kitchen and vanity counters, organic shapes are in. Even toilets, like Kohler’s oval offering called The Purist, which features no exposed plumbing, seems rooted to the ground as if it grew there. Not only are the shapes pleasing, they also encourage a more natural circular traffic flow. Imagine never bumping into a sharp corner again.

6. Drawer Designs

Move over refrigerator drawers and dishwasher drawers, and say hello to the microwave drawer. Yes, that handy appliance, popcorn button and all, now comes in a drawer. What’s the big deal with drawers in the kitchen? As the kitchen has become the hub of the home, there’s a move to break up the big expanses of appliances and cut the clutter.

7. High Tech

Advances in technology continue to offer us out-of-this-world options, from a TV embedded in a bathroom mirror to an oven that can be programmed to keep your food cold until it’s cooking time. You can even change the cooking directions from your office computer. Don’t have enough freezer space? High-tech progress can help you turn a fridge drawer into a freezer in no time. It can also raise the toilet seat when it sees you coming and clean the shower when you’re not around.

8. Built-Ins

Built-ins are convenient and sleek, two must-haves in today’s kitchens. Think steamers and strainers, high-end coffeemakers, professional ice machines and wine coolers, knife racks, spice holders, ring holders, fondue pots, ice beds for shrimp and much, much more.

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A couple from Norfolk had us resurface their old bath. They were delighted with the results.

They also wanted a badly damaged Bath Shower Mixer Tap restored by us. They just weren’t sure it was going to be possible due to the condition of the taps. As you can see they are badly worn and affected by limescale.

The couple was doubtful we could restore the mixer for them but they sent the mixer to our workshop to see what we could do. Once the bath/shower mixer had been opened up it was very clear that it was badly damaged by lime scale deposits and did not work at all. A lot of work was required to bring them up to a point where not only would they look great but also they would be a functioning bath/shower mixer tap. Our tap reconditioning service is second to none and we knew had faith in our specialist technician to sort these taps out in the workshop- despite their condition. As it was a Samuel Heath Mixer Tap it was well worth restoring. It was an exact copy of an even older Aston mixer tap. At around 60 years old and clearly being used in a lime-scale area it definitely was in need of some restoration work.

This Mixer was completely disassembled. Then all the limescale had to be taken of every part, inside and out. Then broken parts had to be repaired . Once restored in the workshop the parts were all polished by machine and then put back together again. Finally the mixer was fully tested for efficiency and given a final polish. It’s quite a transformation.

If you have taps, whether globe taps, Art Deco taps, Victorian basin or bath taps. Bath fillers or, as in the above case above, bath/shower mixer taps and you would love to have them refurbished, then let The Bath Business have a look at them for you. Even if you think the taps may not be salvageable it is worth asking us. We’ve surprised many a client with our restoration work. All we need is some pictures emailed over to thebathbusinessuk@hotmail.co.uk

If the taps are not a viable refurbishment project we will let you know and may even be able to provide a suitable replacement set of taps.  If they are worth restoring however we will let you know and get the refurbishment works completed as soon as possible. We work miracles on an almost daily basis. We’ll do our utmost to give you back a lovely set of taps.

If you have lovely old Victorian or Edwardian Bath taps or a fine set of Art Deco bath filler taps or any lovely old taps that require restoring please let us know and we will provide you with a quote and then hopefully get you a set of taps that will continue to work for another 100 years to come.







We got a call quite a few weeks ago from a lady in Woking whom our services had been recommended to.

She had just moved into a fantastic new home and inherited some amazing Antique roll top baths and French basins. She had some lovely antique French wash-hand basins which required full restoration work. One had a large crack, the taps needed reconditioning and nickel plating etc. Have a look. You’ll see they are quite special basins but definitely in need of some TLC.

French sink prior to restoration

It took around about 12 days to do all the work required on the basins. We had to re-condition the taps and silver nickel plate them, replace a set of taps withoriginal antique French lever taps, silver nickel plate the wastes, covers etc and we also had to rectify the cracked sink after which point we could then re enamel both wash-hand basins whilst retaining the logo in one of the basins. It was quite a lot of work but we were quite pleased with the end result as was the owner.

The unusual and especially skilled aspect of this project was to ensure that the cracked sink was rectified and the logo also retained. The Logo says “SUPERBUS” and then below “Patent” We don’t think there is another bath re enamelling company that can do this type of restoration work.

Above is the basin with the crack rectified, new taps, new old style plug and chain and re plated waste. It’s a very unusual French basin. Finding the taps was a minor miracle. We think this particular set of taps are actually the original taps that the basin had on it when it was made. There is a special fitting for the tap that would have been made specifically for the basin they were being attached to and this particular set of taps fitted perfectly! So somehow we brought them back together again after many years apart.

Here is the basin with the logo “SUPERBUS  Patent” retained after the re enamelling work. The basin also has the waste replaced & the cover, plug and chain stay nickel plated as well as the taps reconditioned and then also plated. Quite lovely.

If you have any antique sinks with cracks or taps needing restored please contact us. If we can’t do the work in situ we will more than likely be able to do the restoration work at our workshop.

Do let us know what you think of these little beauties. If you would like updated on any of our special offers or new items for sale please follow us on Facebook.





We had an inquiry from a lovely lady in Ludlow. She had a very pretty little wash-hand basin that had a crack in it and some very worn taps, waste etc. Have a look. What do you think?

We do get quite a lot of enquiries from clients wondering if it’s possible to fix cracks in a wash- hand basin. Most companies would say it is not possible or would simply go over the damaged area hoping it would be fine. If you do have a badly cracked or chipped basin it’s best to look for a company such as ourselves. Most antique restorers or porcelain restoration company’s would refer you to a company such as ourselves to fix this. We believe we are the only bath re enamelling company who can fix badly damaged cracked sinks.

This particular basin had been resurfaced before but the cracks underneath had never been fixed. The surface was coming off again. We had to strip the basin completely before we could fix the bad cracks and also fix the damage around a tap hole. We did remedy the cracks however and repair the damage around the tap hole before we resurfaced the basin. If your bath is as badly damaged as this then we would want to do the restoration work in our workshop.

The basin did also have some lovely taps and an old-fashioned rubber plug and chain stay and a brass waste. They were not in very good condition however and the owner was thinking she might have to replace all of them. Luckily she didn’t have to do this so we were able to recondition the brass ware and taps.

We were fortunate enough to have some original old stock plugs and chain stay in our workshop. Although old style they were brand new straight from the factory. Never sold or used so perfect for the newly restored basin. The taps and waste had to be reconditioned and the brass polished. Here is the result. What do you think?

As we said fixing cracked sinks isn’t a DIY job. If you have a badly damaged or cracked wash hand basin give us a call about repairing the basin and re enamelling it for you.

Let us know what you think of our pretty basin and tap restoration. More to come in the next blog.



We had an enquiry a few months ago from a Paul Lynch. He has developed some beautiful apartments in London and around the country.

In one of his Luxury penthouse apartments  www.kensingtonapartments.net  he had a black bathroom suite installed. It was striking. As we all know however black is notoriously difficult to keep looking clean. The lavatory was particularly impossible to keep looking clean. The owner wanted to keep the black bathroom suite and toilet so asked if he could have the interior re enamelled white.

Paul called quite a few companies to as k if they could change the colour of the toilet and re enamel the interior of the w/c. He was told it was impossible! You can’t change the colour of a toilet or bath. It can’t be done etc. When Paul called The Bath Business  he had all but given up! We knew we could help. Paul rushed the toilet down from London to our head office in West Sussex & we had it delivered to our workshop. Our skilled technicians did their magic & “VOILA”- A black and white toilet.

What do you think? We rather like it.

Let us know if you would like us to change the colour of your toilet, wash hand basin or bath. The most popular request is changing the sanitary ware to white but we can change it to any other colour you fancy.



So finally we have ventured into video and produced a video about our bath resurfacing services.

This video particularly helps explain all about our “ROLLS ROYCE” technique and why we are the UK’S leading bath resurfacing, re enamelling and repair company. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.


There will be more YOUTUBE videos to come on our services and different tips and advice on caring for your bath. Do let us know if you want us to cover anything specific.

We currently re enamel baths and basins in London Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton and most major cities. We are expanding all the time so if you need help do contact us.

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