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Most of us love the idea of relaxing in a luxury bathroom at home. A bespoke bathroom comes at a price and some of us may never experience our dream bathroom in our own home. Our desirefor luxury is not exclusive to our home environment however. When we go out we are no longer happy to put up with a dingy toilet tucked away at the back of the restaurant. If we do need to use the restroom we certainly don’t want to come back feeling as if we should nip home for a shower. We want a luxury bathroom.

Photo Credit: Dolce&Gabbana GOLD S.r.l.

Above Dolce and Gabbana’s Gold Room in Milan Italy.

Many Hotels, restaurant and Bars are not just providing excellent food and service. Some establishments are using their bathrooms as a marketing ploy to get the customers in. And we think it’s working!

This restaurant, simply called GOLD does exactly what it says on the tin. You can even shop for food or desserts and take them away in chic gold shopping bags! It is certainly a opulent experience and the bathrooms match perfectly.

The bathroom has to be one of the best examples of a beautiful, opulent,communal bathroom. There are giant mirrors, marble counters and golden bamboo lining the walls. The stalls have plasma screens that play Goldfinger on a loop. THat has to get a smile even from hardened restauranteurs.

Knowing you are using a bathroom that has also hosted Kylie Minogue and Giselle among others may tempt you to spend a bit more time pampering yourself in the bathroom than you really should. The gourmet menu may well attract some to GOLD but the bathroom is probably just as effective at attracting new custom.There is no way you would come here and NOT go to the bathroom.

Photo credit: a chimerical plan blogspot

 Bar 89 in New York City is one of the more fun bathrooms. One suspects the very first clients of the bar to use the bathroom must have been very brave indeed. When you enter the bathroom the doors to the stalls are transparent. However once you enter the stall and close the door it turns opaque giving you the usual privacy required in such situations. Would anyone visit the Bar just to check out the bathrooms? Probably. If I happen to be lucky enough to go on a shopping trip to New-York I will definitely be dropping into this bar to check out the bathroom.

Photo credit:

This one is not so much luxurious but it is quirky. This is the restroom in the R BAR, Brighton, England. A gay bar in Brighton. Is it quirky enough to tempt straight customers? Would they come to check out the bathroom rather than the clientele? You tell me.


Photo credit :bestrestrooms Flickr

The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, Branson, Missouri is not only theatrical in its productions. The bathrooms are a sure show stopper as well. Winners of America’s best restroom 2009 it’s not difficult to see why. How many bathrooms have a pool table? Can you imagine going out with your other half and finding him getting waylaid here? I think this bathroom is possible too good.


Photo credit: bestrestrooms Flickr

The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville Tennessee is a breathtaking Hotel frequented by stars such as Issac Hayes and many Presidents. The bathroom is another winner of the coveted America’s Best Restroom. It’s an absolutely beautiful Art Deco style bathroom. Lime green fixtures, authentic terrazzo floor and even a shoeshine station! Afternoon tea at the Hotel and a trip to this bathroom would be a great treat. It’s a man’s world in this bathroom for sure but I LOVE it.

Most of these bathrooms would be impossible to emulate in your own home. They are good for getting ideas of style and decor. A GOLD theme or an Art Deco look can be achieved with relative ease. Contact The Bath Business if you would like to have a custom bath designed or help choosing taps for your new bathroom. We can be reached o 020 8634 5922 or email us at

Bathrooms are More Important than Bedrooms


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The bathroom should be a private, personal retreat with its architecture rooted in nature.
According to recent research, commissioned by Kaldewei, the bathroom is more important as a private retreat than the bedroom.

The study “Paradigm change in the bathroom as an answer to changes in society” revealed future bathroom designs will be personalised, private havens rather than open-plan schemes.
It dismisses previous design theories that suggest the bathroom and bedroom, will follow the lead of the kitchen and lounge, and join to create one living space.
Conducted by the Cologne Rheingold Institute, with consumers looking to buy a bathroom, the survey revealed bathrooms will continue to focus on wellness.

It also further suggested that to create the haven, functional items such as the WC will be removed from the bathroom scheme.
The study further highlighted that consumers expect their bathroom to be personalised, with increased technology and a return to nature with organic shapes and material use.
However, the research signalled that consumers did not want obtrusive technology and that they did not approve of phones, emails, or ‘smart’ technology that automatically makes choices for them.
It is the fourth psychological study on bathing and bathrooms which has been commissioned by Kaldewei.
These include looking at the difference between bathing and showering, bathing for two and the older generation.
Kaldewei plans to publish a book with the findings of each of the individual studies.

the above article is credited to K and B News

If you would like more information on creating a bathroom retreat or restoring your bathroom back to its former glory contact The Bath Business

Amazing Restoration Work



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Your bathroom should be a place you can go to relax and unwind. Lots of pampering and generally relaxing from the pressured of life is what most people want once they close the bathroom door.

If you struggle to turn the tap on to run the bath or it continually drips it can be more like an irritating ritual rather than a pleasurable one. If added to that you end up sitting in a worn, rough or lime-scaled bath the chances are you’ll spend approx 2 minutes relaxing and the rest of the time figuring out how you can get clean without actually sitting down in the bath.


This can all be changed in a relatively short time.

Worn or stiff taps that drip or just don’t work can be reconditioned by specialists. The taps will need to be removed and sent to a specialist. Once there they will be taken apart completely. Sometimes washers are worn through or threads non existent. The specialist restorer will then fully re-condition the taps and have them back in perfect working order. The taps are fully tested to ensure they are in perfect working order. At this stage the taps can be chrome plated or nickel-plated (a more traditional plate effect for traditional taps). Or if the taps are made of brass they can be polished back to new. If the taps are to be nickel or chrome plated they can take about 10 days to do. The taps are then put back together again, tested fully again and sent back to the client to be re-fitted to their bath by their plumber. Our tap restoration work is secound to none. The difference to the look and feel of your bathroom by simply having your taps restored is quite incredible. If you have original bath taps or better still bath and basin taps, then restoring them is a far better option than trying to replace with modern reproduction taps. Have a look at a recent restoration job we undertook and you can see what we mean.

This bath needed to be resurfaced as it was worn and one of the taps had been dripping constantly for sometime. The bath taps and basin taps as well as plug and plunger were tarnished and looked tired and dirty even thought they weren’t. Once the bath taps & basin taps were reconditioned they were polished along with the plunger and basin plug. As you can see the bathroom looks fantastic with the bath and bathroom taps fully restored. The client thought the taps lookede so good we had sent her new taps back rather than her own! Getting the bath resurfaced as well just finished off the bathroom. Now it is a fantastic bathroom with a beautiful restored bath as it’s center piece.

 For a perfect looking original Victorian Bathroom the bath should be resurfaced or re enamelled back to new. This ensures the bath looks and feels new again. It also will rectify any chipping in the bath or rough areas and limescale. Once this is done, along with the tap restoration work, we guarantee your bathroom will look so good it will become a talking point for any visitors. Also once again your bathroom will become a haven for you to relax in. You might need to ask visitors to let you in though.

For information on Bath Re enamelling and Specialist Tap restoration work contact The Bath Business , Bath Resurfacing and Re enamelling Specialists

Renewing a Bathroom Suite



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If you have a bathroom suite which is no longer looking its best, or perhaps is a colour that you don’t like any more, then instead of ripping it all out and replacing, another option is to have the entire suite resurfaced or re-enamelled as it is often referred to. This is a more eco-friendly approach to renewing a bathroom suite and the process is a lot less stressful than replacing the whole suite and having to redecorate etc.

Resurfacing, re enamelling, refinishing and reglazing are all terms used to describe basically the same thing. Each is a process of restoring the bath or bathroom suite to its original condition. Any chips or damage are repaired and then the bath is resurfaced.  Making the bathtub look and feel new again. This is generally done in situ. The whole suite can be resurfaced in the same fashion. So the toilet and wash hand basin are resurfaced or re enamelled in the same fashion.

Great Roll Top claw foot bath re enamelled by The Bath Business. Original taps.

A dated avocado bathroom suite can now be restored to white and, depending on the style, made to look ultra modern. Or if you are a bit adventurous you can even have the whole bathroom suite re enamelled to BLACK!

The entire suite can be resurfaced in situ. Often grey or green suites are being resurfaced to white. Some people are having their whole bathroom suite resurfaced in pastel shades of blue, pink or yellow. If need be the suite can be delivered to specialist bath resurfacers and done off site whilst you finish your other bathroom renovation projects.

Any style of bathroom suite can be resurfaced or re enamelled. Traditional Victorian bathroom suites, 1920’s Art Deco bathroom suites and modern bathroom suites, including jacuzzi and corner baths. The outcome is a suite that is rejuvenated and once again looking attractive as well as being very easy to clean.

Any type of bathroom suite can be resurfaced or re enamelled. Most bathroom sinks and toilets are made of porcelain. However the bath can be cast-iron, pressed steel, acrylic, fibreglass etc. A common question is “Can a Plastic Bath be resurfaced?” Absolutely it can.

Corner baths can be tricky but only due to their size. Some corner baths are really large and the dimensions can be difficult for the Bath Re enameller to access the whole bath. It’s best to make specific enquiries from a specialist if you have a corner bath.

The fact that the resurfacing is normally done in situ means that the entire suite can be done in a day, and would be usable the next. None of the fixtures need to be removed. There is no need to replace any tiling or flooring. None of the plumbing is disconnected when the suite is re enamelled so there is no need to remove the bath panel (if there is one). etc. It is a lot less hassle than ripping out your suite, getting in different workmen and then re-fitting a new suite that often is nowhere near the quality of the suite you just threw away because it was grimy or  a strange shade of mustard.

Re enamelled bath with original taps. North London

If you are considering having your entire suite resurfaced then there are a few points to bear in mind:

The suite will be usable the day after it is resurfaced. If the WC that is part of the suite is the only one in the house, then you may need to make other arrangements for the period it is out of action.

Also, if the toilet seat in your bathroom is one which is likely to get treated roughly (i.e. you have children who may throw the seat down onto the pan), then you may wish to consider replacing the WC as the new surface may well chip were the toilet seat impacts on it with such force. Normal wear and tear however should not result in the toilet chipping.

It also important to note that chips or defects will show up more easily if the bath or suite is having a colour change. For example a recently resurfaced green bath in London was quite badly chipped around the plug hole but the owner had not noticed. The chips were not right down to the metal so it wasn’t really obvious. As the owner was having her bath changed to white the same chips would be clearer. As soon as the plug chipped the bath it would be obvious. A new plug in the style of a chrome plug but made of rubber can be used to replace the plug and prevent future chipping.

Traditional bathroom suites or Art Deco style 1920’s style suites often have elaborate or original taps. Often the bath is in need of re enamelling due to these old taps dripping constantly over the years. It would be a shame to have to get rid of these because the local plumber doesn’t have the part anymore to repair the dripping tap.

Lovely original Jacob Delafon Wall Mounted basin taps

Nowadays you can even send your old taps to a specialist to have restored and then either have the brass polished up to a beautiful finish or re chrome plated or nickel-plated. The overall effect is really lovely.

Contact The Bath Business , Bath Resurfacing and Enamel Bath Specialist about any bathroom improvements you wish to carry out.

Bathroom Wallpaper


 Bathroom Wallpaper

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A lot of people worry about whether or not they can use wallpaper in the bathroom. The answer is yes. Just don’t use it in areas of the bathroom where there is prolonged contact with water.
Wallpaper is a great way to add colour to any bathroom. Before you choose your paper design you should bear in mind it’s best that the paper be in keeping with the style of bathroom. For example you may have a Victorian bathroom and just want to restore that. Or an Art Deco bathroom. Look for wallpaper that would be in keeping with whatever style you have decided on. Some people opt for most of the bathroom being papered. The majority of us will mix tiles, cladding or paint with the wallpaper. Try not to mix too many coverings though as your bathroom can begin to look cluttered. Even one wall decorated with a stylish print or bright paint can make a dull or boring bathroom look completely different.
It is very easy to transform your bathroom with wallpaper. You can then buy some lovely accessories that compliment the new wallpaper. Matching luxury towels and a new rug can add some style. If you then freshen the bathroom suite up by having it resurfaced your bathroom can look like a designer showroom in very little time.
Retro bathroom wallpaper
The main benefit of Bathroom wallpaper is that it will hide imperfections in the wall a bit better than paint. If the wall is in really bad condition however even the best wallpaper cannot disguise this and it is best to have the wall plastered before any paper is hung.
There are ranges of wallpaper designed specifically to cope with the steamy conditions of a bathroom. These papers are usually vinyl-based and will withstand splashes. They should not be used in any place where they will come into prolonged contact with water. So around the bath or shower isn’t ideal. If you have a free-standing bath that has lots of room around it then it can work, or a Shower that is encased in glass as below. Generally those area are often best tiled whilst the rest of the bathroom is painted or papered.
vintage bathroom wallpaper
Virtually every taste can be catered for by wallpaper designs these days. The ranges are extensive. You can have a Edwardian classic bathroom, vintage 1920’s style bathroom, Retro 1950’s or a modern up to the minute bathroom. All will be able to be matched up with numerous appropriate styles of wallpaper.
Designer prints are fantastic but for a more modest budget there are some great ranges available from B&Q and Homebase. For something a little different why not try


 Contact The Bath Resurfacing & Re-enamelling specialists about restoring your existing suite.

How Do You Choose the Best Bathroom Taps



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If you are considering redecorating your bathroom or perhaps even renovating or remodelling it completely then choosing the correct bathroom taps is very important. The overall style and feel of your bathroom can be greatly influenced by the taps you choose. In fact to update  and rejuvenate the whole look of your bathroom you may be able to simply change the taps. If you are lucky enough to have original Victorian or Edwardian taps or perhaps even original antique French taps it may be possible to have them restored.

Some people LOVE traditional bathrooms and wouldn’t want anything else. Certainly the trend does seem to favour this style at the moment. You may prefer a more modern bathroom tap or if your bathroom would look good with large Art Deco taps. Some people like to have their bath taps match exactly their basin taps. This is not always possible if you are installing original antique taps. Quite simply the matching pair of either bath taps or basin taps may have been damaged or destroyed some time ago. If you are fortunate to find a matching pair of antique taps they are well worth installing them into your bathroom. 

There are also several different styles of spout for both bath taps and basin taps. The bath tap can have one spout with 2 handles or 2 spouts with 2 handles. Similiarly with the basin taps. Or off course there is the Bath Shower Mixer tap which although typically a very traditional style, compliments any bathroom and does save on plumbing fixtures.

Fortunately, whatever your style, an electic approach tends to work very well. A traditional Edwardian or Victorian cast iron roll top bath  looks fantastic with original Antique Taps or modern Deck Mounted Pillar taps. Similarly a modern square bath that may otherwise look quite ordinary can look stunning with lovely original large Victorian bath taps or even reproduction Victorian Shower Mixer Bath Taps. Art Deco taps look great on these baths as well. Most of the time you can get away with mixing and matching modern & traditional taps, baths, tiles, decor etc. The only exception could possibly be an Art Deco style bathroom suit. Although you can put Art Deco bath taps or basin taps on a typically modern suite it doesn’t always work the other way around. Some Art Deco styles are okay. They can look good with a modern wall mounted bath filler (taps with 2 handles to control water flow). The typical Art Deco skirted bath however really needs to have matching Art Deco style bath and basin taps and matching decor to pull the whole look off well.

Before you even look at the different styles there are a few things you do need to know that will help you choose the best bathroom taps.

The majority of bathroom taps are made from brass which can then be metal plated or enamelled. They can be plated with high gloss or matt finishes such as chrome, nickel, polished brass, pewter, silk steel and antique gold. Nickel plating is becoming more popular as this provides the traditional look for a traditional Edwardian or Victorian bathroom.  These taps are not necessarily cheap. The style and finish are also important and part of what you will pay for.

More expensive bathroom taps are made of solid stainless steel, which can be polished to a high shine or brushed to create a low sheen finish. Although these are considerable more expensive, they are more hard-wearing than their cheaper alternatives which will eventually lose their finish.

The brass taps, if they have been chrome or nickel plated, should take years to lose their finish. Having the bathroom taps re-chromed or Nickel plated is an option and the finish looks fantastic. The replating in chrome, nickel, antique gold etc can be done to both original antique bathroom taps and fairly modern bathroom taps. You would just need to get your plumber to remove the taps and have them sent to a specialist. You would need to weigh up whether the additional expense of purchasing solid stainless steel taps was worth it.

Antique taps are often in a polished brass finish. This means you will need to polish your bath and basin taps fairly regularly to ensure they look good.  If you are lucky enough to have a cast iron plunger bath with a brass plunger and bath taps then having the plunger and taps polished makes the whole bathroom looks sensational and definitely produces the “WOW” factor. They do look great when this is done and a lot of people prefer to keep this finish and undertake the additional cleaning that would otherwise not be required if you installed modern bathroom taps. Frequently people choose to have thier antique taps Nickel or Chrome plated. They look fantastic once done and the bath taps are so much easier to keep looking pristine.

Your budget will probably be the determining factor in which taps you do choose to install in your bathroom. As it is unlikely you will renovate or update your bathroom again soon after doing so. If your budget allows it may be wise to invest in the best taps possible for your bathroom.

What the tap is made from is not the only important factor.

If you are ripping your bathroom out and completely remodelling it then your options are not limited at all. You can install deck mounted bath taps where none existed before if the desire and funds suffice. However if you are replacing existing bathroom taps you will need to look at what is already there as this may limit you. You may love the look of a wall mounted concealed filler but if you do not have the plumbing  it is not going to work and you may be better looking at another style completely.

You should also check with your plumber who is installing your taps for you if you have enough water pressure to deal with the requirements of the taps you wish to install. If the pressure required is higher than normal bath taps most supplier will say so in their literature.

Generally speaking, single lever mixer taps require high water pressure, while pillar taps and fillers can function with low pressure.

Once you know this you can get on with the job of choosing and purchasing your taps. Then off  course there are the accessories.

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